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Ascarate School Panel Discussion

by admin May 23, 2016

Ysleta Historic District Committee (YHDC)
A collaboration of Ysleta ISD, District 19 Retired Teachers and the El Paso County Historical Commission

A partner with the 2016 El Paso Preservation Month Celebration

Contacts: Ron Leiman (
and Bonny Schulenburg ( )

Ascarate School Panel Discussion
May 26 (Thursday) 6:00 – 8:00 PM
7090 Alameda (east of Ascarate Park)
Ascarate Gym (access from eastside parking lot off of George Orr)

Bea Sada will lead the panel discussion of this historic 1934 school designed by Gustavo Trost.

Panelists include: City Representative Emma Acosta, Nellie Morales, Ellen Ramsey, Ed Fifer and a representative from Sun Metro/Brio.

There will be displays of school memorabilia, an orientation show of Ysleta Schools and the Alameda Corridor and a question and answer session following the panelist’s stories and information.

The committee will be sponsoring three other events in the next 17 months including:

Fall 2016 (likely associated with Homecoming Events)Ysleta High School Seminar including a Panel Discussion Program and a program featuring the Architecture (Henry Trost Design) and Construction (Ponsford) of this 1929 flagship school.

Spring 2017 Porcher Farmhouse (1913) / Cesar Chavez Academy (1986) panel discussion program featuring irrigation and farming in the Valley.

Fall 2017 Ysleta School (1917) 100th Anniversary Celebration including a panel discussion featuring the history of the site. The El Paso County Courthouse was built in 1882 and would house Ysleta students until the district approved a bond in 1915 for the construction of this school.