Trost Society – Preserving the Architectural Heritage of El Paso


The mission of the Trost Society is to promote the legacy of Trost & Trost, one of the most iconic architectural firms of the American Southwest, and educate the public about the architectural heritage of our region and the benefits of historic preservation.


Revitalized communities in which historic buildings are fully integrated into the economy and culture of our region.


The Texas Trost Society was founded in June 2013 in the wake of the destruction of several iconic buildings in downtown El Paso. A significant part of our city’s unique history and culture vanished overnight, and despite various efforts little has been accomplished to revitalize the Downtown Historic District. It is our goal to create a community that prides itself in the beautiful legacy which Henry C. Trost left behind and foster an economy centered upon heritage tourism.


Since our inception we have organized events and tours promoting the architectural legacy of Henry C. Trost and the benefits of historic preservation. We aim to inspire our fellow citizens and imbue them with a sense of pride for the historic and cultural patrimony of our city. Heritage tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry that benefits communities throughout Texas and the greater Southwest. By maintaining and restoring their historic infrastructure, places such as Austin and San Antonio have become major tourist attractions, generating tens of thousands of new jobs and attracting investors from throughout the nation.


The Texas Trost Society is dedicated to transforming El Paso into a city which people desire to visit and not simply pass through on the way to someplace else.