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C. N. Buckler Block

Hotel Paso Del Norte

C. N. Buckler Block

The original C.N. Buckler Block, erected in 1901 and designed by architect Edward Kneezell, was destroyed by fire early Sunday morning August 14, 1910. Firefighter Todd Ware, along with Mayor W.F. Robinson, died when the weakened south wall collapsed later that morning. This is historically significant because it was the first El Paso Firefighter to give his life while protecting the citizens of El Paso.

The replacement building, also known as the C.N. Buckler Block, was designed in a Chicago School architectural style by Trost & Trost. The building was erected on the original structure’s foundation, utilizing part of the west-facing wall as well. It was completed the following year.

An interesting possible historical nugget is that when Pancho Villa was exiled in El Paso, he would visit the Elite Confectionery daily – a store on the Buckler’s first floor – and order his favorite chocolate-covered ice cream “baseballs”, with a strawberry soda to wash it down.

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Photograph taken by Mark Stone 2020

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: McCrory’s; Grant Company; CVS Pharmacy
Type: Commercial
Construction Date: Feb 1, 1911
Address: 203-207 North Mesa Street, El Paso
Condition: Restored