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W.W. Turney Residence

Hotel Paso Del Norte

W.W. Turney Residence

This is the largest residence designed by architect Henry C. Trost in El Paso, surpassed in size by Henry C. Trost’s  Walter Douglas home in Bisbee, Arizona. Plans for the home were drawn in 1906 and executed circa 1909. Located at 1211 Montana Avenue in central El Paso and owned by the City of El Paso, the edifice houses the International Museum of Art since 1960.

With its elegant six Corinthian columns fronting the house’s portico, the home is a quintessential example of the neoclassical style, which was a popular architectural style in early 20th century El Paso.

The Turney’s home was used for civic functions and visiting dignitaries. It was the center of civic, cultural and social activities in El Paso. At the time of revolutionary Pancho Villa, friends of the Turneys’ would stay at the house. The basement was well stocked with ammunition and food.

Mr. Turney passed away in 1939. Mrs. Iva Turney then moved to the Del Norte Hotel and deeded the residence to the City of El Paso in 1939.

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Text edited by Victor Hurtado.

Additional Details

Other Names: International Museum; El Paso Museum of Art
Type: Domestic
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1909
Address: 1211 Montana Avenue, El Paso, TX
Condition: Extant