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Trinity Methodist Church remodeling

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Trinity Methodist Church remodeling

The current Trinity Methodist Church building in El Paso was erected in 1906, designed in a stunning Church Gothic style by Samuel E. Patton, who also designed other El Paso Churches of note: the Church of Saint Clement and the Mission Revival First Baptist Church (We have included a photograph of Patton’s building). In 1939, the building was remodeled into a Spanish Renaissance architectural style, equal in beauty to the Patton design, by Gustavus Trost of the firm of Trost & Trost. The structure stands today in excellent condition, still home to the iconic 1881 El Paso Congregation. For more information, please see

Modern photography taken by Mark Stone on 07/23/2018. Old photo of the original Patton design is courtesy of the El Paso Public Library.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Trinity First United Methodist Church
Type: Religious
Construction Date: Oct 29, 1939
Address: 810 North Mesa Street, El Paso
Condition: Extant