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The Wigwam Theatre

Hotel Paso Del Norte

The Wigwam Theatre

The Wigwam Building was erected circa 1881 as a fairly high-end restaurant/lounge called the Fashion Saloon & Restaurant by Colonel Robert F. Campbell. The building underwent several transformations and changed owners several times, until Al Howard renamed the Fashion the Wigwam. In 1912, Trost & Trost was retained to design a remodel of the building, however it was decided to completely demolish the structure and rebuild it. The Trost rebuild stands today in good condition in downtown El Paso. Most will remember this building as the State Theater. For more information, please see

Photograph courtesy of the El Paso Public Library, via the UNT Digital Archives.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Fashion Saloon & Restaurant ; State Theatre
Type: Theater
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1912
Address: 106 East San Antonio Street, El Paso
Condition: Extant