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Stevens Office Building

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Stevens Office Building

The Stevens Office Building was completed in 1909, designed by the firm of Trost & Trost. The 3-story structure was considered the most important and expensive building of its time, although a number of additional Trost designed buildings were erected over the next 24 months within two blocks, that were considered much more “magnificent”. In 1916, the architectural firm of Gibson & Robertson performed a complete interior and exterior remodel of the building for the Texas Bank and Trust Co., and we believe most period photographs of the structure (including the one attached) are of that remodel (Ref: El Paso Herald, Saturday, November 18, 1916 Page: 16). The building stands today, vacant and deteriorating, the long-time home of the downtown Walgreens. For more information, please see

Old photographs, depicting the Gibson & Robertson remodel, are courtesy of the El Paso Public Library, accessed at the UNT Digital Archives. Modern photography was taken by Mark Stone in 2018, and the otherwise uncredited postcard is from the Trost Society’s Digital Archives at their Facebook page.

— Mark Stone

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Other Names:
Type: Commercial
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1909
Address: 206 Texas Avenue, El Paso, TX
Condition: Extant