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Santa Rita Hotel

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Santa Rita Hotel

The Santa Rita Hotel was designed and completed by Henry C. Trost, independently of his firm of Trost & Rust, in circa 1902 – 1903 in Tucson, Arizona. The building is described as a Mission Revival structure by several sources, however its parallel lines and 90 degree angles suggest the Pueblo/Spanish design repeated in Trost’s Holland Hotel in Alpine, TX and the Gateway Remodel in El Paso. A 1917 addition, not designed by Trost, was added, which is reflected in the right-side taller wing we see in the attached photograph. The Trost half of the Santa Rita was demolished in the 1970s, and the 1917 addition was demolished in 2009.

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— Mark Stone

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Other Names:
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1902
Address: Broadwayy and South Scott Avenue, Tucson, AZ
Condition: Demolished