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Richard Caples Building

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Richard Caples Building

The first of a series of reinforced concrete multi-story business structures in El Paso, the Richard Caples Building was completed in early November 1909, a short 7 months from when it was started. Designed by the firm of Trost & Trost, the building is historically significant as the Madera Headquarters during the Mexican Revolution.

Originally 5 stories in height, it was built in an Early 20th Century Commercial style. In 1917, two additional floors were added, also designed by Trost & Trost, transforming the building into a beautiful Romanesque structure. Also in 1917, a first-floor expansion, designed by El Paso/Dallas architect Charles E. Barglebaugh, was built to accomodate a Woolworth’s store.

For more information, including a detail of the building’s ties to the Mexican Revolution, please see

Photograph taken by Mark Stone 2020

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Caples Building
Type: Commercial
Construction Date: Nov 1, 1909
Address: 300 East San Antonio Avenue, El Paso, TX, USA
Condition: Extant