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Ray Copper Mine Buildings

In the book Railroads of Arizona, volume II (San Diego: Howell North Books, 1980), page 641, author David F. Myrick wrote that Trost & Trost had made estimates for various buildings for the Ray Copper Mines, Ltd. These were rejected by Reginald W. Truman, manager of the Ray properties. He wrote in a letter to Selim Franklin, a Tucson attorney that the firm of Trost & Trost “has made plans for very much more elaborate buildings than are necessary for a mining camp.”

In any case, early in 1901 the Ray Copper Mines went into receivership. One investor in the firm was Albert Steinfeld, a Trost client in Tucson. It could not be determined from Myrick’s book what sort of buildings were planned. No other information on the project has been discovered.

Text by researchers Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht; edited by Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Commercial
Construction Date: Mar 1, 1900
Address: Ray, AZ, USA
Condition: Unknown