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Mountain House

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Mountain House

In 1916, the plans for a new big Flagstaff hotel were placed in the hands of Trost & Trost, at a meeting with the directors of the Flagstaff Hotel Development Company. Architect Eisentraut, the Arizona representative of the firm, met with the directors.

Several weeks prior to the meeting Henry Trost had traveled to Flagstaff to get a view of the location in order to submit plans to suit the locality. Henry believed that the hotel building would be a paying proposition for Flagstaff and he agreed to take a liberal amount of the stock from the Flagstaff Hotel Development Company if the building was built.

No records could be found if the Mountain House was ever built by the plans submitted by Trost & Trost or any other architect.

Text by researchers Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht, edited by Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Alpine Village
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1916
Address: 118 W Historic Rte 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, USA
Condition: Unknown