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J.H. Laurie Residence

Hotel Paso Del Norte

J.H. Laurie Residence

The J.H. Laurie Residence in El Paso was erected late 1909, designed by Trost & Trost. The contractor was J.C. Huff, and the cost of the construction was $6,000. The home stands today in good condition, a classic example of Trost’s Craftsman Foursquare design, including the “Arid America” 4 foot eaves. The appearance of the home suggests that a number of small changes have taken place through the decades, however the original Trost design is intact. (Ref: El Paso Herald, 08/25/1909 pg 14 via newspapers.com)

Photograph is a Google Earth Street View, accessed 02/11/2022

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Domestic
Construction Date: Dec 1, 1909
Address: 1207 East Rio Grande, El Paso, TX
Condition: Extant