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J.Y Russek Auto Salesroom

Hotel Paso Del Norte

J.Y Russek Auto Salesroom

The J.Y. Russek Building, an automobile dealership, was planned by Trost & Trost, however it is not known if the building was actually completed, and, if so, what its location was. If built, it would have been completed in circa 1924. The newspaper announcement, reproduced to the left (El Paso Times, 02/28/1923, page 5), indicates that the building location is Montana Avenue near Ochoa. There are a couple of period structures on the northwest corner of that intersection, but are unremarkable and probably not designed by Trost. Many historical enthusiasts, including Lloyd C. and June F. Engelbrecht, believe the building may be located close to the intersection of Montana and St. Vrain (specifically 810 Montana); however the cited 1928 newspaper article clearly disputes that conclusion.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Commercial
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1923
Address: Montana Avenue & North Ochoa Street, El Paso, TX, USA
Condition: Unknown