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Cortez on the Plaza

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Cortez on the Plaza

In April 1899, Tucson, Arizona hoteliers Charles and Alzina DeGroff purchased the Vendome Hotel, located on the northeast corner of Mills and Mesa. During a three month period in the Springtime of 1899, they renovated the old Hotel and then opened it as the Hotel Orndorff in July. By 1911, experiencing increased business, they announced they would be building a larger structure at the site.

Although it took 15 years, their dream was realized with the Trost & Trost designed Hotel Orndorff, erected in 1926. Built in a stunning Spanish Renaissance design, the beautifully restored building stands today as the Cortez On the Plaza office complex.

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Photograph taken by Mark Stone 2020

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Hotel Orndorff (1926-1927); Hotel Hussmann (1927-1935); Hotel Cortez (1935-1970)
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: Sep 10, 1926
Address: 300 North Mesa Avenue, El Paso
Condition: Restored