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Hill Street School

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Hill Street School

The Hill Street School in Globe, Arizona was designed by the firm of Trost & Trost, and erected in 1920. The building stands today, however appears to be vacant and deteriorating. The interesting shape of the school is because of an indoor track that was a part of the original plans. For more information, please see the video from Margaret Smith at https://www.facebook.com/TrostSociety/videos/714860459380167/ and our article at https://www.facebook.com/TrostSociety/posts/2147334415384613

Old photograph is courtesy of the Arizona Memory Project at https://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/digital/collection/histphotos/id/29056/. Modern photography is from Wikipedia Commons.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Miami-Globe Educational Center
Type: Education
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1920
Address: 450 South Hill Street, Globe, AZ, USA
Condition: Extant