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Henry C. Trost Residence

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Henry C. Trost Residence

Henry C. Trost’s own residence remains extant on 1013 W. Yandell Dr., in the Sunset Heights neighborhood. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School style architecture, the elegant home was completed in 1909.

During the occupancy of the Trost family, the house was referred to as the Trost Residence, or the Trost & Trost residence.

The first floor of the two-story house is largely devoted to a long living room and dining room. An arch marks the transition from the dining room to the kitchen.

Matilda Trost, Trost’s sister, probably inhabited the master bedroom, and Henry Trost’s bedroom was the smallest one with a fireplace. A three-car garage on the alley was behind the neighboring Tooley house, which at the time was shared by the Trost and Tooley families. The upper story was used as quarters for the Trost family’s servants.

The wood work is all five ply veneered done by J.P Paulson of El Paso, representative of Brunswick Balke, Collender Company. The interior decoration was done by Mitchell & Hallbach of Chicago. The furniture was designed by Henry and carried out by Paulson.

The furniture was designed by Henry Trost. See: El Paso Herald, January 1, 1909, Annual Summary of Southwestern Progress, page 12.

For more information, please visit  http://www.henrytrost.org/buildings/henry-c-trost-residence/

Modern photograph taken by Mark Stone 03/19/2020. Old photos courtesy of the El Paso Public Library.

Text edited by Victor Hurtado.

Additional Details

Other Names: Trost Residence; Trost & Trost Residence
Type: Domestic
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1909
Address: 1013 West Yandell Drive, El Paso
Condition: Extant