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Trust Building – Gateway Hotel

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Trust Building – Gateway Hotel

The Trust Building was erected in 1903 on the southeast corner of Stanton & San Antonio in El Paso. Designed by St. Louis architect Isaac S. “Fallstaff” Taylor, it was considered the city’s epicenter of business, and was purposely built in the center of downtown to be accessible to all. The building was remodeled by El Paso banker Charles Bassett into the 5-story Gateway Hotel in 1927-1928, and the renovation was designed by Trost & Trost. The building, which has had a colorful history, stands today, with the Trost remodel recently restored. For more information please see

Old photographs courtesy of the Society for Historical Archaeology at Modern photograph taken by Mark Stone 2018.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: Guaranty Trust Building, Gateway Hotel
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: May 26, 1903
Address: 400-402 East San Antonio Avenue, El Paso
Condition: Restored