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Gage Hotel

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Gage Hotel

The Gage Hotel is a two-story brick structure on a concrete foundation, completed April 1927 and designed by Trost & Trost. It offered 15 guest rooms, 5 on the first floor and the remaining on the second when opened; it has 45 now. It was built in an eclectic Spanish Revival/Mission Revival design, according to the Gage Hotel website, although it lacks many of the Mission attributes we would expect, especially from a Trost design. Ponsford & Sons Construction was the contractor.The building stands in a beautifully restored condition today.

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Color photograph is a Google Earth Street View, accessed 11/16/2021. Black & White photos in the gallery are from the El Paso Public Library via the UNT Digital Archives at

— Mark Stone

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Other Names:
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: Apr 1, 1927
Address: Gage Hotel, NW 1st St Highway 90W, Marathon, TX, USA
Condition: Restored