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Sunset School Addition

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Sunset School Addition

In circa 1924-1925, Trost & Trost received the commission to erect a Vocational School as an addition to the 1902 Edward Kneezell designed Sunset School. The building extension was erected with a bit of controversy: many of the citizens of El Paso wished to continue the Vocational School’s habit of renting existing buildings, believing that a school of this type was unnecessary or unimportant. Completed in 1925, the building stands today in great condition, currently in use by the El Paso Community College. According to the architects, it is in a Spanish style. For the full historical narrative, please see

Modern photographs taken by Mark Stone 05/05/2021. Old photo was taken by Otis Aultman in 1925, and is used courtesy of the El Paso Public Library’s Ponsford Collection.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names: El Paso Community College
Type: Education
Construction Date: Sep 9, 1925
Address: 103 West Rio Grande, El Paso, TX
Condition: Restored