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Big Spring High School

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Big Spring High School

Big Spring High School (Big Spring, Texas) was completed in 1917, however the discovery of oil in the area and subsequent city growth required a substantial expansion of the campus in 1928. The additions, added as wings to both the east and west sides of the 1917 structure, were designed by Trost & Trost to look nearly identical to the original architecture. Trost added stepped Art Deco features to the additions at the cornice above the entrances, which mimic the designs of several other Trost school buildings throughout the southwest. Additionally, the firm added domed Spanish Colonial features to the new entrances. For more information on the history of the building, please see the Big Spring High School website at, which includes a photograph of the building before the Trost expansion.

The building stands today in good condition as a Private School affiliated with the neighboring Life Church.

Old photograph(s) are courtesy of the Big Springs High School site linked to above. Modern image is a Google Earth Street View, accessed 02/04/2022.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Education
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1928
Address: 200 East Tenth Street, Big Spring, Texas
Condition: Extant