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Aronstein Residence

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Aronstein Residence

The Trost-designed Siegfried Aronstein house located on 628 Yandell Drive is described as an American Foursquare house or Prairie School style inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The 110 year old mansion features a Chicago-style window on the South side, with a grape vine motif incorporating sinewy art nouveau stems. The first city directory listing found for the house, dated 1911, listed it as 628 West Boulevard, which is now West Yandell Drive. Well-preserved, the home stands is good condition and is currently privately owned.

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Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Domestic
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1909
Address: 628 West Yandell Drive, at the corner of Yandell Drive and Los Angeles Drive, opposite the terminus of West Rio Grande Avenue, El Paso, El Paso County, Texas
Condition: Extant