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Apache Tavern Hotel

Hotel Paso Del Norte

Apache Tavern Hotel

The Apache Tavern Hotel was located in Springerville, Arizona, and was completed in 1920. The building, which was designed by Trost & Trost, was in the planning stages starting in circa 1917. The Spanish styled structure was built by Springerville pioneer Gustav Becker, who operated businesses throughout the Southwest – including a hardware store in El Paso. For the story of the Hotel and historical narrative about Gustav Becker, please see https://www.facebook.com/TrostSociety/posts/4077903438994358

1930 postcard photograph, and zoom of same photograph, courtesy of an Ebay sale at https://www.ebay.ca/itm/254682723617.

— Mark Stone

Additional Details

Other Names:
Type: Hotel
Construction Date: Jan 1, 1920
Address: Springerville, AZ, USA
Condition: Demolished